December 2, 2021

What is White Glove Delivery?

With service level expectations continuing to rise for in-home deliveries of large items, white glove delivery service is becoming the new standard for customers of furniture, mattress and appliance retailers. So what is it? Not to disappoint but the muscular guys delivering your furniture don’t necessarily wear white gloves. Instead, “white glove delivery” serves as a metaphor to represent a service involving special care during delivery where the piece is set up or installed exactly to the customer’s satisfaction. Usually, when people wear white gloves, they are incredibly cautious and protective over the objects they carry. Therefore, the term represents detail-oriented, extra special care delivery. So in short, White Glove delivery means taking the item into the customer’s home and into their room of choice, opening the item, inspecting it for damage, some light assembling when necessary, placing it to their specifications, and removing all debris.

White glove delivery = excellent customer service

Ecommerce has exploded in recent years, creating a new set of expectations among consumers across the country. In this day and age, people expect an excellent experience in all aspects of a purchase, from start to finish. And when it comes to experience, it typically boils down to just a
few factors. However, meeting these expectations is critical if you want to earn satisfied and loyal customers.
According to PwC, 73% of consumers name customer experience as crucial in their buying decisions. Moreover, 43% of them will pay more for greater convenience and higher service levels.

In short, people search for:

• Speed

• Convenience

• Emotional fulfillment

This unique approach to customer experience has put new and increased pressure on companies. To align with the demands of consumers, they crafted an exceptional delivery experience to make their customers happy and content. That's where white-glove service kicks in.

When should you choose white glove delivery?

Of course, not every item needs a special delivery treatment, but when it comes to delivery furniture, appliances and mattresses, white-glove delivery is the new standard. Generally speaking, every treasured item or product that is difficult to carry and assemble is worth the special white-glove treatment.

When you request a white glove delivery, you can kick back and relax, knowing that people handling your delivery are up to the task –because, well, that’s what they do everyday. These people are specially trained for this type of work. Companies like Onward Delivery focus solely on white glove delivery of high end items, such as furniture, appliances and mattresses. Their teams are white glove specialists that deliver, assemble install and haul away large items everyday. So in-home delivery service with companies like Onward always comes with a different, higher expectation of service.

What do you get if you choose WG Service ?

While there are some minor differences among companies providing this unique service, white
glove delivery will typically involve the following:
• Special protection

• Custom delivery times

• Product inspection and assembly

• Placement to exact specifications and satisfaction

• Removal of all debris

• A customer experience survey post delivery

Ultimately, you can genuinely expect special treatment, which is why white-glove service is so popular right now.

Loyal customer service

Once you experience a premium delivery service, you might become a bit spoiled since the difference between white glove delivery and regular delivery is substantial. If you happen not to notice the difference, the service should do better to earn the name "white glove delivery."

Lack of stress

You, as a customer, should not feel the stress of the delivery process. Since white glove delivery covers anything from packaging to assembly, you are free to deal with your other priorities. In addition, an excellent white service agent will notify you in advance to ask about any potential obstacles they could face during the delivery. That means they meticulously plan every step and tailor it to your needs. White glove service handles every part of the logistics, so you can kick back and relax while waiting for your purchase.


When it comes to white glove delivery service, you can rest assured that the storage and delivery trucks are clean and secured. As a result, you can expect to get clean, dust-free items in perfect condition.

White glove delivery professionals follow one simple rule – they will handle the process with extra special care, no exceptions. Moreover, they are typically highly experienced and knowledgeable about all the challenges of a top-notch, flawless delivery.

Set up and assembly

White glove delivery agents will go beyond your doorstep and assembly your shipment. Moreover, afterward, they will clean up. Whether it's a piece of antique furniture or an art installation, white-glove drivers know all about how to handle delicate items.

Product risk assessment

White glove delivery means complete preparation to avoid any risks of damage. So, the factors such as climate, humidity, temperature, pick-up conditions, storage, mode of transport, and destination are all analyzed to determine proper packaging and delivery style.


Companies offering white glove delivery strive for perfection in execution. Therefore, your voice and experience matter. Moreover, you are more than welcome to provide your feedback to help them be even better.

How to prepare for your white glove delivery

If you're wondering if you should do anything before your delivery, the answer is maybe.

Depending on your situation and expectations, you might want to do the following:

Clear the path leading from your front door to your destination room. That means moving rugs, cables, or other items that might complicate the movers' job. You certainly don't want these hard-working men to trip over your things, especially with your new piece of furniture in their hands. It's also wise to sweep or vacuum your floor before they place down the item so that it’s easier to clean.

The takeaway

Retail is all about the customers' experience nowadays. Innovative companies worldwide are very much aware of that fact, so they use white glove delivery as a core of their business. After all, people love luxury, and white-glove service is how you curate the brand experience.

Since white-glove service always goes with extra time and effort to give you a premium experience, its price is often premium. It's not that difficult to understand why since curb-side delivery does not require a two-person team and assembly.

One thing is sure about categories such as fashion, jewelry, home decor, or catering. People expect a perfectly tailored service, which creates a higher perception of value.

All in all, in the age of vast competition, white-glove service is what makes companies stand out. And not only that, it's the critical factor to a stellar customer experience and a powerful brand.

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