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Working with Onward has been a great experience so far. The Onward team takes great pride in the customer experience. When an SLA is missed, even so slightly, they immediately dig in to understand root causes and address these. This diligence has resulted in consistently beating our SLAs. In addition, the Onward team feels like an extension of the Loveseat team. We work on problems together as a team, come up with reasonable solutions and implement them. Lastly, I have been happy with their technology and being able to integrate easily with our own tech stack


COO - LoveSeat

Onward Finds You the Perfect Carrier

We base our recommendations on:

Available Capacity

Identify a partially loaded truck just waiting to be filled.

Driving Direction

Find a carrier that already has a route going in the direction of your customer's address.

Carrier Performance & Delivery Type

Find a carrier that has a history of top performance and matches your delivery type requirements perfectly.

____Competitive Advantages____

Giving Your Company 3 Competitive Advantages

Offload Challenging Deliveries
Deliveries that are outside 30 miles are inefficient and will cost your teams a lot more to complete. Leverage Onward’s network of carriers already heading in that direction to reduce your costs

Onward desktop app - open orders

Environmental Impact

Allow Onward to smart-match your far away orders onto the perfect truck that’s already going there. You save money, your customers receive their orders faster, and the planet sees fewer trucks on the road.

Rural Deliveries

Send single orders outside your normal delivery radius by posting them in the Onward Marketplace. No matter the location, our software will help put your orders onto trucks we already have going that direction, allowing your teams to complete more local deliveries.

Onward desktop app - open orders

Manage Fluctuating Demand
Whether you need 1 order delivered or 100, Onwards network can support your needs. Run a consistent operation staff and let Onward help when volume peaks occur.

Instant Access to Qualified Delivery Teams

The Onward Marketplace gives you instant access to professional white glove delivery teams. Regardless of your volume needs, for any length of time, Onward can perfectly match the supply of your delivery teams with your order demands.

Onward desktop app - open orders
Onward desktop app - open orders

Tracking and Communication

Via the Onward Mobile App, delivery management is tracked digitally and all data flows back to Onward. This includes POD completion in real time with pictures and e-signatures, and live tracking for your customers.

Open New Markets with Low Risk

First year sales are unpredictable! Now you can do so without having to staff a new delivery department with trucks and teams, as Onward can handle your entire logistics program for you by warehousing and operating in any area of your choice.

Onward desktop app - open orders
Onward desktop app - open orders

High Touch Support for Order Complexity

Onward provides high-touch customer service and end-to-end management on every single order, to ensure you’re delivering the brand experience your customers expect.

Maximizing Your Truck's Capacity
During this slow season, tap into Onward’s marketplace to find orders to fill your trucks.

Powerful Routing Tools to Identify Capacity

Onward makes routing tools available within our platform to optimize your experience within the marketplace and identify available orders to fill up your truck. Our unique matching algorithm presents orders that fit into your existing routes to increase your daily revenue.

Onward desktop app - open orders
Onward desktop app - open orders

Real-Time Communication

When using the platform to optimize your own fleet, leverage tools like SMS scheduling, SMS timeframe communication, and real time tracking. Surveys following deliveries can also be sent from the platform.

KPI Reporting and Insights

By using the Onward system, you will receive automated reports on the metrics that tell the story of your delivery department performance. With things like customer reviews, on-time performance, and incident reporting, stay ahead of the curve with your operation and fix any problems in real time.

Onward desktop app - open orders