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<1% Damage Rate
<2% Incident Rate
99% On-Time

Big and Bulky Matchmaking

A win-win scenario that helps retailers and brokers find the best carriers in each market and helps carriers fill empty space on their trucks. We use data to make matches happen based on the real-time capacity on box truck drivers.

____Who We Are____

Welcome to ONWARD

Onward was created by industry professionals looking to make a significant impact on final mile logistics. Over decades of combined experience, it became apparent that the inefficiencies in the final mile space were hurting everyone: retailers, carriers, customers and the environment. Onward set out to solve these inefficiencies by better utilizing all the empty space that box trucks are currently traveling with. By smart-matching the right order with the perfect truck, shippers get better rates, carriers earn more revenue, customers get orders faster, and the planet sees less trucks on the road. Welcome to the future of final mile logistics.


____Our Partners____

Our Partners


What Our Partners Say About Us

Onward works with many of the top retailers that value the partnership.


Onward has exceeded our expectations as a delivery partner. They have been instrumental in helping us improve our delivery process, and their dedication to customer satisfaction has been outstanding. Their platform is intuitive and easy to use, and it has helped us save time and improve efficiency by optimizing our delivery routes. What we appreciate most about Onward is their professionalism and teamwork. They have been fantastic people to work with, and they have always been responsive to our needs and feedback. Onward is more than just a vendor to us; they are valuable partners to our business. We look forward to a continued partnership with such a great company that aligns so closely with our mission and values.

Shawn B.

Regional Director, Slumberland Furniture

Making Deliveries Easier Together


Place order.


Order is matched with carrier going in the same direction.


Technology to track status of order every step of the way.


Delivery completed. KPIs tracked.

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