March 29, 2023

Solving Seasonality Challenges in Furniture Delivery with Onward's White Glove Delivery Network

Grafton Elliott


Furniture retailers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing their delivery driver teams throughout the year. Seasonality plays a significant role in the industry, with peak demand occurring during tax season, summer, and the holidays. However, during slower months, retailers often struggle to keep their drivers busy. This imbalance creates a logistical headache, as companies must scramble to find enough drivers during busy periods and attempt to retain them through slower times. This blog post will explore the challenges faced by furniture retailers in managing their driver teams and demonstrate how Onward is solving this seasonality issue through its innovative white glove delivery network.

The Seasonality Problem

For furniture retailers, keeping quality driver teams on staff year-round is a daunting task. During peak seasons, the demand for furniture delivery skyrockets, leading to a shortage of drivers and longer wait times for customers. Conversely, when business slows down, retailers are left with underutilized drivers and trucks, resulting in wasted resources and financial strain.

The Onward Solution

Enter Onward, a technology platform that is revolutionizing the way furniture retailers manage their delivery driver teams. By providing access to a network of white glove delivery drivers, Onward enables retailers to maintain a baseline staff to handle everyday volume while supplementing with additional drivers during peak seasons. This flexible approach eliminates the need for temporary hires and allows retailers to optimize their delivery operations. Ultimately, this leads to happier and more engaged drivers, rapidly-served and satisfied customers, and improved agility of their delivery operation at large.

Connecting Retailers with Professional Carriers

At the heart of Onward's platform is its ability to connect retailers with professional carriers that have a surplus of "dark capacity" or unused space on their trucks. These carriers, looking for ways to counteract their own seasonality issues, can leverage the Onward platform to find work during slow periods. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows retailers to tap into a vast network of experienced white glove delivery teams, ensuring that their customers receive the best possible service.

Industry Low Incident Rate

One of the key benefits of Onward's platform is its industry low incident rate of 0.2%. By connecting retailers with highly skilled and professional carriers, Onward ensures that furniture deliveries are handled with care and expertise. This focus on quality and customer satisfaction sets Onward apart from traditional delivery services and helps furniture retailers build a strong reputation for excellence.


Onward's innovative white glove delivery network offers a powerful solution to the seasonality challenges faced by furniture retailers. By providing access to a network of professional carriers with dark capacity, Onward enables retailers to optimize their delivery operations and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. With an industry low incident rate and a commitment to connecting retailers with the best delivery teams available, Onward is transforming the way furniture retailers manage their driver teams and tackle the seasonality problem.

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